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Nick Smith

A native of Jackson, MS; Nick Smith has played music over fifty years. He teaches multiple instruments including banjo, violin/fiddle, mandolin, and guitar. His main influences include Chet Atkins for guitar, Kenny Baker on violin/fiddle, and Earl Scruggs on banjo. Nick has over fifty years experience and has performed with the famous fiddler - Kenny Baker. As far as teaching styles for banjo, he covers basic 3 finder folk and bluegrass style along with theory and improvisation in those styles. For violin and fiddle, he covers basic standard violin and fiddle method along with music notation, old time fiddle bluegrass and cajon styles of playing. On mandolin, Nick covers beginner to advanced lessons with chords, scales, theory, improvisation, and ear training in Scottish/Irish, Bluegrass, Monroe, and Cajon styles of playing.