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Seymour Duncan Seth Lover Model Humbucker Pickup (b)

When people talk about the "patent applied for" humbucker, they're talking about Seth Lover's patent. Seth invented the humbucking pickup while working as a design engineer at Gibson in the mid '50s. Some forty years later, Seymour Duncan and Seth joined forces to produce the only "patent applied for" reissue that bears its inventor's name.
The SH-55 Seth Lover Model is an extremely faithful recreation of Seth's 1955 original. Like the original, the SH-55 utilizes a nickel-silver bottom plate, Butyrate plastic bobbins, plain enamel wire, an Alnico II bar magnet, a wooden spacer, black paper tape, braided single-conductor cable, and a nickel-plated nickel-silver cover. The D.C. resistance of each SH-55 is recorded along with its serial number and maintained in Seymour's files.
The tone is vintage "patent applied for." Rich, smooth and unpretentious, the SH-55 neck pickup will warm up even the coldest axe. The unpotted covers give the bridge pickup just enough brashness to cut through the mix with plenty of sustain and bite. The SH-55 is smoother and warmer than the '59 model with a more traditional, more compressed "honk-like" tone.

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