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Ernie Ball Pegwinder Select Bass

What better way to wind your Ernie Ball strings (or any other strings, for that matter) than with Ernie Ball’s Pegwinder Select? This top-quality string winder boasts a compact design with a comfortable grip, complete with a non-abrasive socket head that leaves your tuning keys clean and unmarred. Moreover, this particular Ernie Ball Pegwinder features a larger socket that works on standard guitar tuners, but also accommodates the extra-large keys often found on bass guitars. Lastly, a particularly handy feature is the built-in bridge pin puller — Sweetwater acoustic fanatics find this is perfect for quickly and safely removing stubborn bridge pins. Best of all, it’s easily chucked into a gig bag or case compartment to give you record-speed string changes whenever you need them.

Ernie Ball Pegwinder Select Bass Features:

    • Top-quality string winder that drastically speeds up your restringing time
    • Highly durable, precision-molded design comes equipped with a comfortable hand grip and non-abrasive socket head
    • Extra-large socket fits the vast majority of electric guitars and acoustic guitars, while also accommodating the larger keys found on basses
    • Built-in bridge pin puller to safely remove stubborn pins

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