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Budda Chakra Compressor Pedal
The Budda Chakra Compressor pedal was designed to mimic the optical compressors used in studios back in the 60's. Using the gain control to increase the glow of the optical circuit fattens up the sound. The higher the gain is set, the more it effects the comp and attack controls. The Chakra™ Compressor can create a subtle, warm, transparent effect as well as full on squeeze. Essential compression controls like Gain, Level, and Attack are available at the tweak of a knob.

  • Heavy duty diecast housing
  • 9V battery compartment
  • 9V DC adapter plug (+ ring)
  • Heavy duty bypass switch
  • Gain control
  • Level control
  • Comp control
  • Attack control
  • Unpacked Weight kg: N/A
  • Packed Weight: 1lb (.454kg)
  • Packed Height: 3" (7.62cm)
  • Packed Width: 4.35" (11.05cm)
  • Packed Depth: 5.75" (14.605cm)

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