McPherson MG 3.5 Engleman Spruce/ East Indian Rosewood Back & Sides


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The number of notes is finite. The number of melodies is limitless. And the way that each person plays those chords and melodies has the potential to be truly one-of-a-kind. Now your choices in materials, inlays, and personal touches will join forces with the principled engineering and construction that have resonated with guitar aficionados for decades. A unique sound that is truly your voice.

The full size 6 string jumbo body takes the traditional tonal qualities of a dreadnaught style guitar, and enhances the richness and essence of that big, boomy sound to create a true work of auditory art.

McPherson MG 3.5 Engelmann Spruce/ East Indian Rosewood Back & Sides


Light in color with a rich, complex tone. This wood best suits a more gentle touch. Great for fingerpicking with warm bass and complex overtones.


East Indian Rosewood offers a deeply resonant tone. Rich, complex low ends and strong mids and highs make this a great all-around choice for back and sides.


  • 25 1/2" Scale length
  • 11 1/8" Upper bout
  • 10 1/8" Waist
  • 16" Lower bout
  • 20 1/8" Body length
  • 41 1/2" Overall length
  • 14" Fretboard radius
  • Standard neck width: 1 3/4" at nut, 2 5/32" at 12th fret
  • Optional wider neck width: 1 7/8" at nut, 2 5/32" at 12th fret
  • String spacing at bridge: 2 3/16"